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IAFF Local 2498 is always seeking new sponsors. Fill the BootThere as sponsorship levels for all types, sizes, and budgets. Sponsorship can be in the form of prizes for winners, funds to purchase prizes, or funds to help with the cost of running the an event such as MDA, or Relay for Life.

All sponsors will have a dedicated page on our site with contact information, pictures and words of text. There will also be links backs to your current site. Each year's sponsors pages remains on the site for up to 2 years, so you will have back-links and listings on our site for up to 2 years. Those sponsoring multiple years will be listing on pages for all the years you sponsored.

What to help but not sure what you can do? Give us a call. You can help make a difference!

Donald M. Dinse, President
Office:               (757) 532-3337       
Fax: (757) 345-6033


Clyde T. Longest Jr, Treasure
Office: (757) 509-2225
Fax: (757) 345-6033

General Information

John Paul Jones Flag

At the Battle of Flamborough Head, US Navy Captain John Paul Jones captured the Serapis, but his own ship, the Bonhomme Richard sank, and her ensign had been blown from the mast into the sea during the battle.

Jones, now commanding the Serapis without an ensign, sailed to the island port of Texel, which was run by the neutral United Provinces.

The Continental Flag is believed to have been carried at the Battle of Bunker Hill.