York County Williamsburg Professional Fire Fighters

Who are the York County Williamsburg Professional Fire Fighters?

York County Williamsburg Professional Fire Fighters is a local union representing career professional Fire Fighters, EMS (EMT, Paramedics). The YCPFF is associated with the Virginia Professional Fire Fighters (VPFF), which consists of more than 55 locals representing well over 8,000 fire fighters, paramedics and dispatchers. VPFF members provide fire protection and emergency medical services to over 80% of Virginia's population. As well, VPFF members provide these and other specialized services to all of Virginia's major airports and several military installations.

VPFF members are Fire Fighters, Fire Officers, Fire Inspectors, Fire Investigators, Hazardous Materials Specialists, Emergency Medical Technicians, Cardiac Technicians, Paramedics, Training Instructors, Water Rescue Specialists, and 911 Dispatchers. York County Williamsburg Professional Fire Fighters are also associated with The International Association of Fire Fighters, The Virginia State AFL/CIO, The Peninsula CLC and are also members of the National Fire Protection Agency.

What Does the York County Williamsburg Professional Fire Fighters Do?

YCPFF, the VPFF and its member locals are active in many endeavors on the federal, state and local levels. Whether it's raising money for the family of a fire fighter killed in the line of duty or fighting for legislation to prevent another fire fighter from dying needlessly, The YCPFF and the VPFF is there.

Working hand in hand with the VPFF, the IAFF and local unions throughout the United States, YCPFF and the VPFF are strong advocates in Washington DC, for the safety and well being of fire fighters, paramedics and dispatchers as well as their families and the general public.

Recent Accomplishments of our organizations are:

-- Hazardous Materials Legislation
-- Pension Reform Legislation
-- Ryan White Act
-- Enforcement of OSHA 2-in/2-out
-- Age Discrimination Employment Act
-- Increased benefits for Public Safety Officer killed in the line of duty (PSOB)
-- S.A.F.E.R Funding
-- FIRE ACT Funding
-- Mychal Judge PSOB Act
-- Bioterrorism Preparedness
-- Homeland Security Department

Issues being pursued:

-- Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act
-- Federal Investigations of all fire fighters line of duty deaths
-- Federal Fire Fighter pay reform
-- Protection of the Fair Labor Standard Act

In Richmond, Virginia:
-- Protection of Cancer Presumption Legislation
-- Protection of existing heart-lung presumption legislation
-- ncreased penalties for assaulting a fire fighter or medic
-- Increased Virginia Public Safety Officer Benefit
-- Increase in VRS multiplier

On a Local level, The YCPFF and the VPFF focus on issues that are important and unique to their own locals needs. This may include lobbying local officials and citizens for better equipment, additional staffing to meet Minimum Safe Staffing as set forth in NFPA 1710 , fair pay, and benefits such as adequate Sick Leave, a choice in 457's and providing a fair and balanced York County Grievance Procedure. Advocating for adequate fire protection for you, your family, your home and or your business, increasing awareness of factors that impact the Health and Safety of our members.

This is just a small portion of what we do locally.
The VPFF and its affiliates sponsor and support a number of charitable endeavors. Christmas in April, summer camps for burned children, holiday parties for the underprivileged kids, charity golf tournaments, MDA "Fill the Boot", American Cancer Societies "Relay for Life" and the York County Safety Town just to name a few.

York County Williamsburg Professional Fire Fighters are members of the following organizations – 

International Association of Fire Fighters
Virginia Professional Fire Fighters
Virginia AFL/CIO
Peninsula CLC
Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
National Fire Protection Agency
National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS)


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