IAFF Affiliates

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Local Name Website Address
1 Pittsburgh FF http://www.iafflocal1.org
2 Chicago FF Union http://www.iaff-local2.org
3 Pueblo FF http://www.pueblofire.org/local3.htm
4 Des Moines FF No Web Site on File
5 Colorado Springs FF No Web Site on File
12 Wheeling PFF http://www.wheelingfire.com/IAFF12/index.html
18 Vancouver (BC) PFF http://www.iaff18.org/
20 Hamilton PFF http://www.local20.org/
21 St. Paul FF http://www.spfdlocal21.org/
22 Philadephia FF http://www.local22iaff.org/
27 Seattle FF Union http://www.iaff27.org/
28 Schenectady FF No Web Site on File
29 Spokane FF http://www.local29.org/
30 Cambridge FD http://www.cambridgefire.org
31 Tacoma PFF http://www.iafflocal31.com/
32 Utica FF http://www.uticafire.com/
34 Little Rock FF http://pages.sbcglobal.net/firefightersa/
36 Washington DC PFF http://www.dcfd.com/
42 Kansas City FF http://www.iaff42.org
43 Portland FF Assoc. http://www.portlandFF.org/
48 Cincinnati FF http://www.iafflocal48.org/
49 Bloomington PFF No Web Site on File
50 Peoria FF Assoc. http://www.peoriaFF.com/
51 El Paso FF http://www.local51.com/
58 Dallas FF Assoc. http://www.dffa.org/
60 Scranton FF http://www.scrantonfire.com/
64 Kansas City FF http://www.iaff64.org/
67 Columbus PFF http://www.local67.com/
68 Norfolk PFF http://www.iafflocal68.org/
76 Sommerville FF http://www.somervillelocal76.org/
77 St. Joseph FF No Web Site on File
87 Jackson PFF Assoc. http://www.local87.com/
89 Clarksburg FF No Web Site on File
92 Toledo FF No Web Site on File
93 Cleveland FF Union http://www.iafflocal93.org/
94 Uniformed FF Assoc. http://www.ufalocal94.org/
101 Duluth PFF http://www.iafflocal101.org/
102 Saginaw FF http://www.iaff102.org/
104 Wilks-Barre FF http://www.iafflocal104.org/
106 Bellingham FF http://www.iaff106.com/
112 United FFof Los Angeles City http://www.uflac.org
113 Toronto PFF Assoc. http://www.torontoFF.org/
117 Birmingham FF http://www.local117.org/
122 Jacksonville PFF http://www.jfrd.com
124 Fort Wayne FF http://www.iaff124.org/
127 La Crosse FF http://www.iafflocal127.org/
129 Wilmington PFF Assoc. http://www.wpffa.com/
134 Atlanta PFF http://www.iaff134.org/
136 Dayton PFF http://www.iaff136.org/
140 Nashville FF Assoc. http://www.iaff140.org/
144 Brockton Fire Union http://www.brocktonfire.com/
145 San Diego City FF http://www.sdfire.org
157 Oklahoma City PFF http://www.okclocal157.com/
162 Ottawa PFF http://www.ottawaFF.org/
165 Ashtabula FF http://www.iaff165.com
168 PFF of Paducah http://www.iafflocal168.org
176 Tulsa FF http://www.tulsaFF.org/
179 Hutchinson PFF http://www.hutchinsonfirefighterslocal179.com/
198 Atlantic City PFF No Web Site on File
200 Bartlesville FF No Web Site on File
209 Edmonton FF Union http://www.edmontonFF.com/
215 Milwaukee PFF Assoc. http://www.local215.com/
230 San Jose FF http://www.sjff.org
244 Albuquerque Area FF http://www.iaff244.org/
255 Calgary FF Assoc. http://www.calgaryFF.com/
260 Naval District of Washington DC http://www.iaff260.com
267 Lorain FF http://www.lorainFF.homestead.com/
268 Halifax Regional FF http://www3.ns.sympatico.ca/iaff268/
280 Syracuse FF Assoc. http://www.syracusefire.com/
282 Buffalo PFF http://www.local282iaff.com
283 Fort Lewis PFF http://www.iaff283.org/
284 North Bay PFF Assoc. http://www.nbpffa.ca/
289 Huntington Prof FF http://www.iafflocal289.org/
299 Altoona PFF http://www.altoonaFF.org/
302 Allentown FF http://www.local302iaff.org/
311 City FF Local 311 http://www.local311.org/
313 Morgantown PFF http://www.morgantownFF.org/
314 Salem PFF http://www.morgantownFF.org/
316 Oshkosh PFF No Web Site on File
317 Charleston PFF http://www.local317.org/
323 Burnaby FF Assoc. http://www.burnabyFF.com/
330 Akron FF http://www.iaff-local330-akron-oh.org/
333 Springfield PFF http://www.iafflocal333.org/
334 Lima FF No Web Site on File
336 Middletown FF http://www.iaff336.org/
341 Houston PFF Assoc. http://www.local341.org/
343 Saratoga Springs FF http://www.ssff.com/
345 Louisville PFF http://www.louisvillefirefighterslocal345.com/
347 PFF of Bluefield, WV http://www.bluefieldfire.org
352 Flint PFF No Web Site on File
357 Evansville FF No Web Site on File
362 South Bend PFF No Web Site on File
366 Grand Rapids FF Union http://www.iaff366.com/
372 Long Beach FF http://www.lbff.org/
384 Asbury Park PFF No Web Site on File
401 Ypsilanti FF No Web Site on File
407 Waukasha PFF No Web Site on File
411 York FF Assoc. http://www.yorkfire.org/
412 Dearborn PFF http://www.dearbornff.com/
413 Rockford FF Union http://www.iaff-local413.org/
416 Indianapolis Metropolitan FF Assoc. http://www.indygov.org/ifd/
417 Sharon PFF No Web Site on File
428 Harrisburg FF http://www.iaff428.org/
437 Bremerton PFF http://www.iaff437.org/
440 Fort Worth PFF http://www.iaff440.org/
445 Norwood PFF No Web Site on File
452 Vancouver FF http://www.iaff452.org/
456 Stockton PFF http://www.stocktonFF.com/
461 Kingston PFF Assoc. http://www.kpffa.org/
463 Johnstown FF http://johnstownfd.tripod.com/
466 Princeton FF http://www.princetonfire.org/local466.html
473 Waukegan FF http://www.local473.com/
478 Waco PFF No Web Site on File
479 Tucson FF Assoc. http://www.tucsonFF.com/
485 St. Catherines FF No Web Site on File
487 Eau Claire PFF http://www.local487.com/
492 Sarnia PFF http://www.sarniaFF.com/
493 Phoenix FF http://www.phxff.org
494 Cuyahoga Falls PFF http://web.raex.com/~cooper/
498 Kingston PFF No Web Site on File
510 Prince Albert FD No Web Site on File
522 Sacramento FF No Web Site on File
525 Santa Barbara City FF No Web Site on File
526 Lexington PFF http://www.iaff526.org/
527 Sudbury PFF Assoc. http://www.sudburyFF.org/
548 Raliegh PFF Assoc. http://www.rpffa.com
574 Savannah FF Assoc. http://www.savannahFF.com/
580 Janesville FF Union http://local580.jvlnet.com/index.html
583 Beloit PFF No Web Site on File
586 Bloomington-Metropolitan PFF http://www.iafflocal586.org/
587 Miami Assoc.of FF No Web Site on File
589 City of Newburgh FF http://www.local589.net/
619 LaFayette PFF http://www.lafayetteFF.com/
621 Calumet City PFF http://www.local621.org/
624 San Antonio PFF http://www.iaff624.com/
644 Lincoln FF Assoc. http://www.iaff644.org/
647 Grand Island PFF No Web Site on File
653 Kankakee FF No Web Site on File
660 Charlotte FF Assoc. http://www.cffa660.org/
668 PFF of Durham No Web Site on File
682 Winston-Salem PFF http://www.wspffa.org/
689 Alameda City FF Assoc. http://www.iaff689.com
691 Mattoon PFF http://www.mattoonfire.8m.com/local.html
694 Rome PFF http://www.borg.com/~zoedotes/rfd.htm
698 Xenia FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
707 Pensacola FF No Web Site on File
709 Elmira PFF Assoc. http://www.elmirafire.org/
714 Niagara Falls FF http://www.nffire.com/
718 Boston FF http://www.bostonfirelocal718.org/
729 Binghamton FF Union http://www.iaff729.org/
731 Reno FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
732 Woonsocket FF http://www.local732.com
734 Baltimore PFF No Web Site on File
735 Bethlehem PFF http://www.enter.net/~iaffl735/
739 Lynn PFF http://www.iafflocal739.org/
740 Portland FF http://www.portlandFF.com/
742 Evanston FF Assoc. http://www.efdlocal742.com/
747 St. Petersburg Assoc. of FF No Web Site on File
750 Hamtramch FF http://www.hamtramckFF.com/
754 Tampa PFF http://www.tampaFF.com
760 Hartford FF http://www.hartfordfire.org/
771 Saint John FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
772 Bangor PFF No Web Site on File
785 Lewiston FF Assoc. http://members.tripod.com/~local785/
786 Stamford FF Assoc. http://www.local786.com/
794 Newport News PFF http://members.aol.com/nnffa794/index.htm
798 San Francisco FF http://www.sffdlocal798.org/
799 Providence FF http://www.local799.com/
802 Aliquippa FF http://www.abf-91.com/
805 Martinsburg FF No Web Site on File
809 Pasadena FF Assoc. http://www.pasadenaFF.org/
820 Chattanooga FF No Web Site on File
823 Sedalia FF No Web Site on File
825 New Haven FF http://www.local825.org/
830 Norwalk PFF http://www.norwalkfire.org/
840 Luzerne County PFF No Web Site on File
841 New Bedford FF http://www.geocities.com/nblocal841/
845 Albany PFF http://www.albanyFF.com/
853 Lowell FF http://ecommunity.uml.edu/lowellfd/
854 Uniformed Fire Officers of New York City http://www.ufoa.org/
856 Manchester, NH FF http://www.manchesterFF.org
858 Denver FF http://www.iaff858.org
860 Dunmore FF http://www.dunmorefire.com/
864 Renton FF http://www.iaff864.org/
865 Asheville FF Assoc. http://www.avlFF.org/
867 Union FFof Winnipeg http://www.mts.net/~uffw/
870 Owensboro PFF http://www.opfflocal870.org/
881 Barre City FF No Web Site on File
888 Greeley FF http://www.greeleyFF.org/
891 San Bernardino City PFF http://www.pffv.org/Membership/Member%20Locals/Loc
905 Nanaimo PFF No Web Site on File
920 Braintree FF Assoc. http://www.bfdlocal920.com/
921 Johnson City FF http://www.jcfd.org/
925 Peabody FF http://www.peabodyfire.org/925.htm
932 Corning FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
935 San Bernandino County PFF http://www.iaff935.org/
936 Corpus Christi FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
944 Milford PFF http://www.local944.com/
948 Weirton FF Assoc. http://www.homestead.com/wffal948/index.html
953 Kelowna PFF http://www.kelownaFF.com/
955 Uniontown City Firemens Protective Assoc. http://www.uniontownfd.org/page4.html
964 Baltimore City Fire Officers http://www.baltimoreFF.com
972 Lubbock PFF Assoc. http://www.lpffa.org/
975 Austin Assoc. of PFF http://www.aapff.org/
992 New Britain FF No Web Site on File
995 Richmond PFF http://www.iafflocal995.com/
1009 Worcester FF No Web Site on File
1014 Los Angeles County FF No Web Site on File
1017 Frankfort PFF No Web Site on File>
1027 Middleton PFF No Web Site on File
1029 Southfield FF Assoc. http://www.southfieldFF.com/
1045 Concord PFF http://www.concordFF.com/index.htm
1052 Richland FF http://www.iaff1052.org/
1053 Fredericton FF Assoc. http://www.frederictonFF.ca/
1062 Gresham PFF Union http://www.greshamFF.org/
1067 Riverside City FF Assoc. http://www.rcfa1067.org
1071 Rochester FF Assoc. http://www.iaff1071.org/
1102 Hialeah FF http://www.hialeahFF.org/
1132 Roanoke FF Assoc. http://www.local1132.org/
1138 Torrance FF Assoc. http://www.torranceFF.org/
1146 Lynchburg FF Assoc. http://www.lynchburgFF.org/
1148 Meriden PFF http://www.meridenfire.com
1158 Clearwater FF Assoc. http://www.iaff1158.org/home.html
1159 Clackamas County FF http://www.iaff-local1159.org/
1162 Daytona Beach PFF http://www.dbfr.org/
1164 Livonia FF Union No Web Site on File
1165 Santa Clara County FF No Web Site on File
1171 Santa Clara City FF http://www.iaff1171.org/
1183 District of North Vancouver FF http://www.iaff1183.org
1197 Edison Township FF http://www.iafflocal1197.org
1205 East Haven FF No Web Site on File
1212 Mississauga FF Assoc. http://www.mississaugaFF.org/
1219 Naugatuck PFF http://www.naugatuckFF.org/
1225 Lodi PFF http://www.lodiFF.com/
1227 Berkeley FF Assoc. http://www.bffa1227.org
1259 Texas City FF http://www.local1259iaff.org/
1264 Anchorage FF http://www.iaff1264.org/
1265 Sparks PFF No Web Site on File
1268 Randolph FF http://www.rfdlocal1268.com
1271 Surrey FF Assoc. http://www.surreyFF.com/
1279 Westland FF http://www.westlandFF.com/
1280 Endicott PFF http://home.stny.rr.com/efire/
1285 Las Vegas FF http://www.lvfd.com/
1286 Richmond FF http://www.iaff1286.com/
1291 Denton FF Assoc. http://www.dentonFF.org/
1301 Kern County FF Union http://www.kcffulocal1301.com/
1308 Mid-Columbia PFF http://www.mcfr.org/
1309 West Metro PFF No Web Site on File
1311 Baltimore County PFF http://www.iafflocal1311.org/
1315 Midland PFF http://www.geocities.com/mpff1315/
1323 Moorhead FF http://www.moorheadfire.com/
1329 Arlington PFF Assoc. http://www.local1329.com/
1333 North Tonawanda PFF http://www.ntfd.org/
1338 Shelby Twp. PFF Union http://www.iaff1338.com
1347 Watertown FF Union http://www.local1347.com
1348 Pineville FF Assoc. http://www.pinevillefiredept.org
1354 Redlands PFF http://www.redlandsFF.org/
1364 Ventura County PFF Assoc. http://www.vcpfa.org/
1365 Orlando PFF http://www.orlandolocal1365.org/
1372 Prince George FF http://www.pgFF.org
1374 Jefferson FF No Web Site on File
1377 St. Lucie County PFF http://www.slcfd.org/
1383 Warren FF http://members.aol.com/crtbehnke/WFD.htm
1394 Scarsdale Uniformed FF Assoc. http://www.scarsdalefire.com/
1397 Falmouth FF http://www.town.falmouth.ma.us/depart.php?depkey=fire
1401 Santa Rose FF http://www.srff.org/
1403 Miami-Dade PFF http://www.local1403.org/
1404 Norwich FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
1424 Key West FF http://www.keywestFF.com/
1426 Fairfield FF Assoc. http://members.aol.com/local1426/
1460 Marietta PFF http://www25.brinkster.com/mpff/
1461 Burien FF Assoc. http://www.iaff1461.com
1476 South Portland PFF Assoc. No Web Site on File
1479 Merced City FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
1488 Lakewood PFF http://www.lakewoodfire.org/
1491 Lexington FF Assoc. http://www.lexfire.org/home.htm
1492 DeKalb PFF http://www.topjakes.com/
1494 Coeur d Alene FF http://www.makart.com/cdafire/
1505 United Flagstaff FF http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Congress/9874
1510 Miami Beach FF http://www.mbfd.com/
1512 Stoughton FF http://stoughtonfire.freeservers.com/custom4.html
1521 Upper Arlington FF http://www.uafire.org
1522 New London PFF http://www.newlondonFF.org/homepage.html
1537 Anacortes FF http://www.anacortesFF.com/
1544 Lockport FF Assoc. http://www.lockportFF.org/
1548 East Hartford FF Union http://www.iaff1548.com/
1552 Burlington PFF http://www.burlingtonFF.org/
1557 Steering Heights FF http://www.shffu.com/
1560 Boca Raton FF http://www.iaff1560.org/
1563 Anne Arundel County PFF No Web Site on File
1568 Henrico PFF Need a link...
1576 Oromocto FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
1579 PFF of Manchester http://hometown.aol.com/lo1579/prof/index.htm
1589 Narragansett FF Assoc. http://www.geocities.com/local1589/
1592 Roseville FF http://www.rosevilleFF.org/
1601 Rumford PFF http://www.rumfordfire.org/mainpage.htm
1604 Bellevue PFF http://www.iaff1604.org/
1607 North Las Vegas PFF http://www.iaff1607.com/
1614 Roseville FF http://www.rosevillefire.com/
1617 Melrose FF http://www.melrose-FF.org/
1619 Prince Georges County PFF http://www.iafflocal1619.com/
1632 Pickering PFF http://webhome.idirect.com/~pickfire/
1641 Hobart PFF http://www.1641.org/
1645 Salt Lake City FF http://www.firefighterlocal1696.org/
1652 Framingham FF http://www.framinghamfire.com/
1660 Tualatin Valley FF http://www.iaff1660.org/
1664 Montgomery County Career FF Assoc. http://www.iafflocal1664.com/
1665 Odesa PFF http://www.local1665.com
1668 Campbell River PFF http://www.crfd.ca/iaff.html
1680 Swissvale PFF Assoc. http://www.sfdlocal1680.org/
1687 Carlsbad PFF No Web Site on File
1689 Fremont FF No Web Site on File
1695 Clovis FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
1696 Salt Lake Valley FF http://www.firefighterlocal1696.org/
1697 Monomonie Officers http://www.menomoniefire.com/local.html
1699 Milpitas FF No Web Site on File
1700 Edwardsville FF http://www.angelfire.com/super/iaffl1700/
1715 Cumberland FF http://www.iafflocal1715.com/
1739 Richfield FF No Web Site on File
1740 Kent FF http://www.kentFF.org/
1744 St. Claires Shores FF No Web Site on File
1747 Kent FF http://www.kentFF.org/
1758 Ellensburg FF No Web Site on File
1760 Shoreline FF No Web Site on File
1763 Delta PFF http://www.deltafire.ca/union-geninfo.htm
1768 Plymouth FF No Web Site on File
1775 Marin PFF http://www.iaff1775.com/
1784 Memphis FF Assoc. http://www.memphisFF.org/
1786 Grandview Missouri PFF http://www.iaff1786.org/
1800 Clinton Township FF Assoc. http://www.local1800.org/
1826 Southwest Florida PFF http://www.local1826.com
1835 Warren FF http://iaff1835.home.westpa.net/
1839 Chelmsford, PFF http://www.cfd1839.com/
1845 Mentor PFF http://www.iafflocal1845.com
1856 Oak Bay PFF http://www.oakbayfire.com
1867 Greenville PFF Assoc. No Web Site on File
1883 Henderson PFF http://www.hendersonFF.com/
1888 Syracuse Aircraft Rescue FF No Web Site on File
1894 Northbrook FF http://www.local1894.com/home.html
1908 Local 1908 FF http://www.local1908.org
1910 Struthers PFF No Web Site on File
1911 Garden City FF http://www.cityofgardencity.org/fire/1911.htm
1951 Melbourne PFF http://www.melbourneFF.com/
1952 Lebanon PFF Assoc. No Web Site on File
1954 Richardson FF Assoc. http://www.rffa.net/
1973 Agawam Permanent FF Assoc. http://www.agawamfire.com/
1994 Westwood PFF No Web Site on File
1997 Snohomish County PFF http://www.iaff1997.org/
2001 Neosho FF No Web Site on File
2024 Federal Way FF http://www.iaff2024.org/
2025 West Bend PFF http://www.local2025.org/
2033 Southington FF No Web Site on File
2046 Santa Barbara County FF No Web Site on File
2057 Orange County PFF http://www.iaff2057.com/
2067 Norman FF http://www.iaff2067.org/
2068 Fairfax County PFF and Parame http://www.fairfaxFF.org/
2073 Irving PFF Assoc. http://www.irvingFF.org/
2081 Hackensack PFF Assoc. http://www.cyberonic.net/~mikef6/p0000117.htm
2086 Littleton FF Assoc. http://www.littletonFF.org/
2088 Tukwila FF http://www.tukwilafire.org/
2117 Reedy Creek PFF http://www.reedycreek.org
2134 Marion Township PFF No Web Site on File
2135 PFF of Ocala http://www.iaff2135.com
2141 Alexandria FF http://www.alexandriaFF.org
2149 Plano FF Assoc. http://planofireiaff2149.com/
2150 Kettering FF http://www.iaff2150.org/
2154 Commerce Township FF No Web Site on File
2164 South Metro PFF http://www.local2164.com/
2175 Pierce County FF http://www.iaff2175.org/
2201 Indian River County FF No Web Site on File
2223 Brighton PFF Assoc. http://www.bpfa.org/
2243 Sylvania FF http://www.iaff2243.org/
2260 United Mesa FF http://www.unitedmesaff.com/
2280 Jackson PFF http://www.jacksonFF.com/
2289 Canton PFF No Web Site on File
2292 PFF of Pembroke Pines http://www.iaff2292.com/
2294 Hillsborough County FF http://www.hcfflocal2294.org
2323 Rutland City FF No Web Site on File
2328 Toppenish FF No Web Site on File
2338 LaGrange FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
2343 Peekskill FF No Web Site on File
2363 Charlottesville PFF No Web Site on File
2369 Joliet Fire Officers No Web Site on File
2376 Thornton PFF http://www.iaff2376.org/
2400 San Mateo County FF http://www.iaff2400.org/
2424 Cape Coral PFF http://www.ccpff.com/
2434 Turlock FF Assoc. http://www.turlockFF.org/
2441 Tahoe-Douglas PFF http://www.tahoefire.com/
2442 Normal PFF http://www.iaff2442.org/
2444 Camas PFF http://www.local2444.org
2446 Palm Bay PFF http://www.angelfire.com/fl/local2446/
2449 PFF of Chesapeake http://www.iaff2449.org/
2450 Hampton PFF Assoc. No Web Site on File
2461 Strathcona County FF http://www.strathconaFF.com/
2487 Truckee Meadows FF http://www.accutek.com/iaff/
2494 Fort McMurry FF Assoc. http://www.telusplanet.net/public/iaff2494/
2498 York County PFF http://www.iaff2498.org/
2507 Madison Twp. FF http://www.madisontownship.org/2507/2507.htm
2509 Nantucket FF http://www.nantucketfire.com
2511 Central York PFF Assoc. http://www.cypffa.org/
2528 Dothan Fire Rescue http://www.dothanfire.com/
2542 Olathe PFF http://www.iaff2542.com/
2546 Suncoast PFF http://www.iaff2546.com
2551 Broken Arrow FF http://www.iafflocal-2551.com/
2562 Uniform FFof Cohoes http://www.cohoesFF.com/
2588 Pennfield FF http://www.visioncouncil.org/pennfield/union.htm
2598 Prince William PFF No Web Site on File
2601 Fort Walton Beach PFF http://www.fwbfdlocal2601.4t.com/
2653 Hickory FF Assoc. (North Carolina) http://www.hffa.org/
2663 Cherry Hill FF http://www.iaff2663.com/
2665 St. Louis County FF(Missouri) http://www.iaff2665.org/
2690 Nacogdoches PFF Assoc. No Web Site on File
2720 Country Club Hills FF Union http://www.iaff-local2720.org/
2727 Markham PFF Assoc. No Web Site on File
2733 Dewitt PFF http://www.dewittfire.org/
2748 Warwick PFF http://www.warwickfiredept.org/
2750 Springfield Career FF http://www.pffv.org/Membership/Member%20Locals/Loc
2790 PFF of Easton http://www.eastonfire.com/union.htm
2794 PFF of Spring Hill No Web Site on File
2794 Spring Hill PFF No Web Site on File
2800 Arlington PFF and Paramedics A http://www.apfpa.org/index.php
2801 Suffolk PFF and Paramedics http://www.iaff2801.org/
2803 Chesterfield PFF Assoc. http://www.co.chesterfield.va.us/publicsafety/fire
2819 Kitsap County PFF http://www.iaff2819.org/
2829 Redmond FF No Web Site on File
2859 Geneva Career FF Assoc. http://iafflocal2859.tripod.com/
2863 Brownwood PFF No Web Site on File
2866 Fayetteville FF http://www.iafflocal2866.org/
2876 South Kitsap PFF No Web Site on File
2878 Local 2878 WA http://www.iafflocal2878.org/
2881 CDF FF http://www.cdf-FF.org/
2882 Strongsville FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
2889 Westminster PFF http://www.iaff2889.com/
2899 Anaheim FF Assoc. http://www.afaonline.org/
2905 Hartford Career FF http://www.pffv.org/Membership/Member%20Locals/Loc
2913 Deltona Assoc. of FF http://www.deltonaff.com/
2919 SeaTac City FF No Web Site on File
2924 Virginia Beach PFF http://www.iaffl2924.com/
2928 Palm Beach County PFF http://www.iaff2928.com
2951 Miami Township PFF http://www.iaff2951.org/
2956 Lake Mohegan PFF http://www.lmfdpro.com/
2959 Martin County PFF http://www.martinFF.com
2969 Brevard County PFF http://www.iaff2969.com
2987 North Haven PFF http://www.northhavenfire.com/
3008 Pittsfield FF http://www.koolpages.com/local3008/
3009 Lombard FF Union http://www.iaff-local3009.org
3022 Streamwood PFF http://www.iaff-local3022.org/
3023 Lincoln Rescue and FF Assoc. http://www.local3023.org/index.htm
3033 Skokie FF http://www.skokie3033.org
3039 Oak Forest FF Union http://www.iaff-affilocal3039.com/
3045 Bloomfield Township FF http://www.iaff3045.com/
3062 Maple Valley PFF http://www.fire7.net/Locals/3062/
3080 Metro-Broward FF http://www.3080online.com
3080 Metro-Broward FF http://www.iafflocal3080.org
3086 Matteson Associated FF http://www.iaff3086.com/
3091 Burlington County PFF http://www.iafflocal3091.org/
3098 Chicago Ridge FF http://www.local3098.org/
3099 McMinnville PFF Assoc. http://www.iaff3099.org/
3111 Anderson Township PFF http://www.andersonFF.org/
3112 South Metro PFF http://www.southmetrofire.org/iaff.html
3133 Local 3133 http://www.iafflocal3133.org
3147 Balch Springs FF No Web Site on File
3151 Portage FF Union http://www.iaff3151.org/
3154 PFF of Hudson http://www.hudsonFF.com
3164 Lancaster FF Assoc. http://www.lffa.org/
3169 PFF of Marion County No Web Site on File
3174 Kentwood PFF http://www.iaff3174.org/
3178 Coppell FF Assoc. http://www.cffa3178.org/
3203 Blue Ash PFF http://www.blueashFF.com
3215 St. Helens PFF Assoc. http://www.iaff3215.org/
3216 Bay County PFF No Web Site on File
3221 Harrisonburg FF No Web Site on File
3235 IAFF Local 3235 http://www.iaff3235.homestead.com/
3249 Camden County Uniformed FF http://www.geocities.com/iaff3249/
3250 Topsfield PFF http://www.topsfieldfire.com/
3254 Seminole County PFF (Florida http://www.iafflocal3254.org
3260 Englewood PFF No Web Site on File
3272 Bloomingdale FF Union http://www.iaff-local3272.org/
3276 Barnstable PFF http://www.barnstablefire.org/Local%203276.htm
3284 Osceola PFF http://www.osceolalocal3284.org
3286 Outer Banks PFF Assoc. http://www.angelfire.com/nc/IAFF3286/
3290 Gautier FF http://www.ametro.net/nexus/fire/iaff/
3296 Winter Springs PFF http://www.wspff.org
3297 Auburn PFF No Web Site on File
3315 Monroe FF http://www.homestead.com/monroeff/Local3315.html
3319 Pueblo Rural FF No Web Site on File
3325 Hillsborough County PFF http://www.hcfflocal2294.org/
3333 Broward County PFF http://www.iafflocal3333.org
3345 Parker PFF Assoc. http://www.parkerl3345.org/
3359 Niagara Falls PFF No Web Site on File
3362 Clay County FF No Web Site on File
3395 Hollister FF No Web Site on File
3401 Winchester PFF No Web Site on File
3410 St. Charles County FF http://www.iaff2665.org/
3415 Plainville PFF No Web Site on File
3473 Downey Firemens Assoc. No Web Site on File
3476 Oviedo PFF http://www.oviedolocal3476.com/
3477 Upland PFF Assoc. http://www.upff.org/
3478 Salem PFF http://www.geocities.com/spff3478/
3486 St. Anthony FF http://members.aol.com/iaff3486/
3487 South Pierce Fire and Rescue http://www.piercefire.org
3489 North Canton PFF http://www.northcantonfire.org/
3490 Beacon PFF No Web Site on File
3501 Vacaville FF http://www.3501.org/
3505 Emerald Coast FF No Web Site on File
3516 South Walton PFF No Web Site on File
3531 Polk County PFF http://www.iaff3531.org
3546 San Ramon Valley FF Assoc. http://www.3546.org
3556 El Dorado PFF http://www.eldoradofire.com/
3564 Grants Pass FF http://www.gpfirelocal3564.org/
3571 Bedford Park PFF http://www.iaff3571.com/
3572 Northwest FF No Web Site on File
3577 Scotts Valley FF http://www.scottsvalleyfire.com/
3583 Bartlett FF Assoc. http://www.bffa.org/
3611 Evergreen Paramedics http://www.evergreenmedics.com/
3623 Ocoee PFF http://www.iaff3623.com/
3626 San Marino FF http://www.firefighting.org/l3626/
3627 Azle PFF http://www.geocities.com/apffa3627/
3631 Orange County PFF Assoc. http://www.ocpfa3631.org/
3634 Denver Paramedics Union No Web Site on File
3666 Frederick County, Career FFof No Web Site on File
3671 PFF of Vermont http://www.pffv.org/
3702 Barre Town FF Link is Bad...
3722 PFF of Enid http://www.angelfire.com/ok/Bozvon/index.html
3726 East Fork FF http://www.eastforkfire.org/
3742 Franklin City PFF http://www.iaff3742.org/
3751 Bellevue-Dayton PFF No Web Site on File
3756 Loudoun PFF http://www.loudounFF.org/
3760 Hernando County FF http://www.local3760.com/
3761 Paris PFF No Web Site on File
3766 Dolton PFF http://www.iaff3766.org/
3768 Miami Township FF Union http://www.iaff3768.org/
3769 Warren County Emergency Services http://members.tripod.com/~iaff3769/
3773 Clayton County FF No Web Site on File
3779 Solana Beach FF http://www.solanabeach.org/
3794 Greece PFF http://www.iaff3794.org/
3806 Norco PFF No Web Site on File
3817 South Kitsap Fire Chiefs http://www.kitsapfire7.org/
3827 North Greece PFF No Web Site on File
3835 Chelan County PFF No Web Site on File
3837 Morristown PFF No Web Site on File
3839 St. Cloud Regional Assoc. http://www.iaff3839.8m.com/
3845 New Braunfels FF Assoc. http://www.angelfire.com/tx/nbffa/
3846 Woodlands PFF http://www.woodlandsfire.org/
3852 Alachua County FF http://www.iaff3852.com/
3855 Whatcom County PFF http://www.wcfd7.org/
3860 Paterson Fire Officers Assoc. http://iaff3860.tripod.com/
3861 Sanford Assoc. of PFF http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Lane/8100/
3864 Collierville FF Assoc. No Web Site on File
3865 St. Johns County PFF and Paramedics http://www.iaff3865.org
3867 Northwest Whatcom PFF http://www.nwfrs.org/union page.htm
3878 United Maricopa County FF http://www.iafflocal3878.org/
3885 North Richland Hills FF No Web Site on File
3886 Spotsylvania County FF Assoc. http://www.geocities.com/local3886/
3888 Toronto PFF Assoc. http://www.torontoFF.org/
3895 Nevada Div. of Forestry FF http://members.tripod.com/ndffire/
3907 Sycamore Township FF Assoc. http://www.iaff3907.com/
3915 Colerain PFF http://www.iaff3915.org/
3922 Poway FF No Web Site on File
3924 Avondale PFF Assoc. http://www.avondaleFF.com
3940 Bradford PFF No Web Site on File
3961 Northville Township Professional Fire Fighter No Web Site on File
3963 San Marcos PFF Assoc. No Web Site on File
3972 Jefferson County PFF No Web Site on File
3985 Algonquin Lake in the Hills FF http://www.iafflocal3985.com/
3987 Lake Area FF No Web Site on File
3991 Georgetown Assoc. of FF No Web Site on File
4010 Fairfield PFF No Web Site on File
4012 Stafford County FF Assoc. http://stafford-iaff.tripod.com/
4026 West Peculiar PFF Assoc. http://www.geocities.com/local4026/
4027 Springdale PFF http://www.spff4027.org
4028 Snoqualmie FF http://www.snoqualmiefire.org/
4030 Barnard PFF http://www.iaff4030.org/
4032 OC FFFMBA http://www.oceancityfire.com/
4045 Northlake PFF No Web Site on File
4047 Cherokee PFF Assoc. http://cpfa.homestead.com/home.html
4060 Central Campbell County FF http://www.cccfd.org
4075 Grays Harbor Paramedics No Web Site on File
4103 Cary PFF http://www.cpf4103.homestead.com/WELCOME.html
4105 Crest Forest PFF http://www.cffd.org/cfpf/4105.htm
4109 South Holland PFF Assoc. http://www.iaff4109.org
4116 Castle Rock PFF http://www.castlerockFF.org/
4117 Hudson Bend FF http://www.hbfdpfa.org/
4122 Seguin PFF http://www.seguinFF.org/
4124 Crystal Coast PFF http://home.ec.rr.com/ccff/
4131 Escambia County PFF http://www.iaffl4131.org/
4147 Westlake PFF Assoc. http://www.wpffa.org/
4149 Uxbridge PFF http://www.local4149.com/
4153 St. Cloud PFF http://home.cfl.rr.com/fireunion/
4162 Hesperia PFF No Web Site on File
4172 Granby PFF No Web Site on File
4181 Wake County PFF http://www.wcppa.com/
4189 Vashon Island Fire and Rescue No Web Site on File
4193 Prosper FF Assoc. http://www.prosperfire.com/
4197 Douglas County PFF http://www.douglasfire2.org/
4208 Kissimmee PFF http://www.kpff.net
4245 Eagle River PFF http://www.iaff4245.org
4252 White River Township FF http://www.local4252.com/
4255 Sugar Land PFF http://www.slpff.org/
4330 Bridgeview FF Assoc. http://www.bffa4330.org/

General Information

The Grand Union Flag

The flag was first flown on December 3, 1775 by John Paul Jones (then a Continental Navy lieutenant) on the ship Alfred in Philadelphia. The Alfred flag has been credited to Margaret Manny.

It was used by the American Continental forces as a naval ensign and garrison flag in 1776 and early 1777.

It is widely believed that the flag was raised by George Washington's army on New Year's Day 1776 at Prospect Hill in Charlestown (now part of Somerville), near his headquarters at Cambridge, Massachusetts,

"If men through fear, fraud or mistake, should in terms renounce and give up any essential natural right, the eternal law of reason and the great end of society, would absolutely vacate such renunciation; the right to freedom being the gift of God Almighty, it is not in the power of Man to alienate this gift, and voluntarily become a slave. "
- John Adams - 1772