York Counties Fire Fighters ask for FAIR application of County Benefits 

The York County Professional Fire Fighters are asking that the county change its Sick Leave Policy to reflect fairness in application for the following reasons:  
  1. When an 8 hour employee calls out sick they burn 8 hours and earn it back in 1 month. When a Fire Fighter or Medic calls out sick they burn 24 and earn it back in 2 months. Taking twice as long to earn the time back.

  2. A Fire Fighter or Medic is required to burn much more time when injured or sick since the county provides no type of light duty for these professionals.

  3. A Fire Fighter or Medic may be required to burn more leave due to the nature of their job. As examples: If a county Secretary, mechanic, or maintenance person has a respiratory illness, cold or perhaps the flu can still come to work while taking medications. A Fire Fighter or Medic must utilize sick leave until the problem is cured. This is due to the nature of work that is required by the Firefighter or Medic. Fire Fighters that are required to utilize Self Contained Breathing Apparatus and having the flu, cold or other respiratory problem are in danger as are employees they work side by side with, not to mention they put the people we protect at a greater risk. On the EMS side of the fence we cannot have sick medics taking care of ill citizens, some with compromised immune systems.
While all other county employees can return to work with more serious injuries such as a broken leg or arm a fire fighter will be forced to utilize weeks of sick leave even for such a minor injury as a broken finger or toe. As our department matures in regards to our members average age sick leave will be more of a concern and could have detrimental results for a fire fighter who is injured or suffers from a serious illness.

Our members are willing to risk their own health and safety for the citizens of York County, which is what, is expected from the citizens. We now ask for the counties support in protecting the protectors of York County and provide the York County Fire Fighters & Medics the Sick leave they have earned.

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