IAFF-FC Banking Center

Now you can earn higher rates on your deposits and enjoy the benefits of traditional banking through the IAFF-FC Banking Center. The Banking Center was developed exclusively for IAFF members and their families by the IAFF-FC and Affinity Financial Corporation, which is an award-winning financial technology company established in 1996.

Affinity Financial Corporation has partnered with Sky Bank to provide superior deposit services for all Banking Center customers.All checking, savings, money market and certificate of deposit accounts offered through the banking center are FDIC insured up to $100,000 per customer by one of the Affinity Financial Corporation participating FDIC insured depository institutions.

Does your bank offer these benefits?
. High Interest Rates
. Online Bill Pay
. Free ATM**
. Online Banking Privacy
. 24x7 Customer Care

All deposit products offered through this Banking Center will be opened through Sky Bank.

P.O. Box 1245
Indianapolis, IN 46206-1245
Phone: 866-674-5752
Fax: 877-435-8083

General Information

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