Seaford Country Market

2208 Seaford Road
Seaford VA 23696

Seaford Country Market

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You are worth it. Choose the Seaford Country Market as your grocer and with just one phone call all of your grocery chores can be completed for the week.  

Time. We only have so much of it. Free yourself to spend your time the way you want to, not the way you have to. Call the Seaford Country Market.

Relationships. When you call the Seaford Country Market you will be assigned a personal representative, a personal grocer if you will, this will be a real live person with a name and a genuine desire to know you. In this fast paced busy techno world choose a little more intimacy in your life. Call the Seaford Country Market.

Spend Less, Live Better?  If that were true you would still be driving a Pinto. It used to be that the milk man dropped your milk off at your door; your doctor would come to you. What changed? Did we decide that we weren’t worth it or did they? You are worth it. Call the Seaford Country Market.

Products. Our main Grocery supplier is the largest grocery wholesaler in the country and maintains an inventory of tens of thousands of items. Any thing that you can find in the area we can provide for you.    

We believe the Seaford Country Market is worth it because we know you and your family are.

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Contact Information

Phone: (757) 898-5721